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Innovative Systems

Where Next Becomes Now.
The future is an ever-moving target. Through Innovative Systems, we put that target in reach.

Whether it’s keeping pace with trends in high-performance computing or adapting them to our needs, we create the cutting-edge systems that enable us to excel, always staying one step ahead. No matter where the next step leads. 

Innovative Systems is an applied research and development unit tasked with developing and evaluating novel approaches to high-performance computing in support of the current and future scientific computational needs of NCSA and campus partners. For example, the team’s Deep Learning Major Research Instrument Project delivers unprecedented performance for extreme data-intensive emerging fields of research. The results will have far-reaching impacts in many areas including computer vision, natural language processing, artificial intelligence, healthcare and education.

NCSA Spotlight

Yan Zhan headshot

Yan Zhan
Assistant System Engineer

Yan is a Linux engineer supporting a variety of research projects and HPC systems.

I’ve always been fascinated by HPC since I was a child, and working at NCSA allows me to practice hands-on in the HPC field. I also get to meet many talented students and researchers. Helping them succeed at their projects makes me very happy.

Project Highlights

3D illustration of supercomputer server racks in a data center

HAL Cluster

NCSA’s Innovative Systems developed and operates a high-performing computer network for AI-related computational workloads.


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