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Arts and Humanities

Technology and the Human Experience.
At NCSA, we use technology to better understand the things that make us human.

From politics and economics to culture and the arts, we explore every aspect of the human experience, using artificial intelligence and machine learning to solve real problems affecting lives around the globe.

NCSA accelerates humanities research and arts exploration in projects like discovering how to make broadband access more equitable, and the development of an algorithm to disrupt what TikTok serves to user feeds. And we’re always searching for ways to leverage the power of supercomputing in studying the things that impact us every day.

NCSA Spotlight

Rini Mehta headshot

Rini B. Mehta 
Associate Professor of Comparative Literature

Professor Mehta is trained as a comparativist who works on computational humanities, digital film history, and data visualization.

NCSA has been and will always remain for me the bridge between my home in the humanities and my new land of exploration, computer science.

Project Highlights

Reads '#nfy' in overlapping white, red, and cyan on a gray background

Not for You

What would happen if something disrupted the customization algorithms that define your social media experience, dictating the videos you watch and messages you receive?

Photograph of the backs of sitting two people in business attire looking over a paper and computer while pointing in a lab of other computers and various individuals

Community Data Clinic

The Community Data Clinic functions as a hub for developing community-centered solutions for a data-driven world.


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